Post Corona Musings

Well, it's been a long time since we blogged so I thought I'd have a go and discuss what's been going on at Earls Removals since we opened up again following lockdown (and a bit about lockdown) :)

Well, it's been a scary but satisfying time if I'm honest. We decided to break away from our long standing partnership with another, far larger removal company in Feb 2020, and literally 2 weeks later the country was shut down... Turned out to be very lucky timing for us and whilst we were sad to see aspects of our work for our ex-partners go, we have truly taken the opportunity in lockdown to regroup and recharge to build up our own company name.

With Steve's refusal to let me have another baby... grrr... I have applied myself more to marketing and advertising (I've been told blogging via our website will help so here I am!) and embracing social media. That being said, after investigation, it's become apparent to me that I'm not ready for TikTok in the name of Earls - there are some very strange people out there! lol

Steve has had a tough time, he was VERY bored in lockdown as extrovert Steve only had introverted me and two small children for company so we got some housework done(!) and walked the dogs a lot but following his release from lockdown, Steve fell very ill with a non-corona associated illness! As such, August was a tough few weeks but he's bounced back better than ever and has been out quoting left, right and centre. We came out of lockdown with a major job working for Leacy Classics - a classic car part company - helping them move into their new warehouse. We've helped a few members of the Clergy relocate to their new homes and we became official BBC Suppliers as we helped out BBC Studios with their offices moving on several occasions (these particular studio are responsible for making 'Father Brown' and 'Shakespeare and Hathaway'.) We've offered out our services to other removal companies to help out and made great contacts in doing so. Not to mention all the lovely people moving domestically that we have had the privilege to meet. All in all, we have been busy bees.

Our main source of pride (aside from our children obvs) is our team, we have some very dedicated and loyal staff who carry the same ethos as we do - to look after customers as if they were our family - and as such we have steadily been building up more and more great reviews since emerging from our lockdown hole - with many more to come hopefully!

TL;DR We're riding out the Covid storm, we hope you are all ok out there and we are here if you need us!

Thanks for reading! Em x


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