Our first blog post...

New to this blogging and writing type...

So we are new to this blogging stuff... just trying it out! Today we have been working hard on making ourselves more accessible digitally to our customers by improving our visibility on Google and Yahoo as well as trialling our new look website. Now, you'll have to bear with me on the website front, I am not an IT Graduate preferring instead to read books to earn my degree but I am a trier and God loves a trier!

I will be updating and tweaking the website to show you, our customers, what we do every day that makes us a happy and effective team. Today for example, we have crews working for 3 different corporate customers doing jobs ranging from unloading a container to moving some lovely people into new houses - I will try and get pictures but our crew are very against having photos taken, the poor souls! What you can't see from the photo I've attached to this post is myself and Steve standing behind the camera threatening them if they don't smile! They look like a Motley Crew but they are the best at what they do, I can assure you!

So yeah, our crews today are out and about today in Tamworth, Congleton, Rugby, Portsmouth, Cardiff, Solihull and Walsall so if you see the Earls Logo please give them a wave... and a cup of tea! We always love a tea!

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