House Moving Tips for No Stress Removals

Dreading your house move? Don’t be, just embrace it and make it stress-free by following these tips.

Moving home will be one of the most stressful events in your life and there’s no point trying to gloss over this fact. You will have so much to pack, what feels like not enough time to do this, and as the day of the move draws ever nearer, you will really start to panic.

Take a deep breath. You can get through this and emerge the other side as a stronger, better person for living through the experience. We know what you are going through at Earls Removals as you contemplate moving home. As one of the leading removal experts in Birmingham, we have helped countless people move home successfully and also played a huge part in numerous office moves and business relocations.

Our experience in the industry places us in a strong position to support people when they are moving home, and trust us when we say, we do all we can to make this experience as stress and hassle-free as possible. Put your trust in us and we will guide you at every step of the way. To make you feel better, here’re a few pointers you can try before you start packing.

If you are planning to move home you need to do this to stay sane on the big day.


Moving home is the ideal time to get rid of unwanted items. Be as brutal as you can. The more items you can get rid of prior to a house move the less you will have to take to your new home. Go through wardrobes, clear out garage clutter, get rid of items from your basement, and dispose of junk stored in your loft. You’ll be amazed at how much clutter you accumulate over the years and most of these things won’t have been used, worn or seen the light of day for ages so sell them, give them away or recycle them if you can.

Create a checklist

A to-do list is essential if you are moving house and this can help you plan the move with military-like precision. Jot down everything you need to do along with the time and date this has to be done by. This can include things like cancelling the milkman, changing your address at the bank, and setting up new utility services for your new home address. You can download handy to-do lists online that cover all of the basics, get organised and make a list that guides you and becomes your greatest ally as the day of the move gets nearer.

Pack an Emergency Box

Always create an emergency supply box to help you through the removal day. This can be a large cardboard box or a plastic crate containing all of the following items and any additional essentials you think you might need on the day.

  • First Aid Kit
  • Kettle 
  • Cable ties, sticky tape and
  • string
  • Tea, coffee and soft drinks for
  • the kids
  • Snacks
  • Torches with batteries
  • Mobile Phone Chargers
  • Spare clothing (just in case!)

Ask for help

When you move home it’s time to call in a few favours from family and friends. Trust us, you can never have too many hands available come removal day and the more people you can rope in to carry boxes, help you clean, or give you support when it feels you like you are having a private meltdown, the easier this day is going to be. Don’t be afraid to ask people for help. You can bet they would ask for help if they were in the same position and wouldn’t be afraid to pick up the phone.

Book a reliable removals company

One of the best tips you can follow when you are preparing to move properties is to book a reliable and reputable local removal company. This will help to keep your stress levels as low as possible, especially if you hire local movers who are proud members of Move Assured. Once you find a company you feel happy with, arrange the time and the date of the move and get their total support right from the start.

If you are looking for a local removal company in Birmingham we’re here to help at Earls Removals. With over 15 years’ experience in domestic removals, commercial and office moves we know how to make your move seamless and smooth.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to book a removal in Birmingham, or to speak to a member of our friendly team call 0121 350 9175.

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